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31 January 2018: Smart and Easy Ways to Save Cash around your Home

Find recipes to suit what you already have at home
Deliberately look for the recipes that you already have most or all of the ingredients for. It’s both a waste of time and money to go out and get unusual ingredients which you may never use again. There’s now websites which allow you to find recipes by searching with the ingredients you have. One of our favourites is

Borrow the items you will only use once
This applies to all aspects of your home, inside and outside. Things like gardening equipment, electrical food equipment and even things for babies which will be grown out of etc. There’s no point in buying a piece of equipment which you’ll not use again or very rarely. See if you can borrow one from friends or family first, or even neighbours.

Save on laundry
Hanging your clothes to dry instead of tumble drying them will save money on energy bills, whilst being more eco-friendly! Even if you don’t have a garden, a small retractable washing line can be placed somewhere in the house. Little costs like this really do add up.

Buy furniture and decorations wisely
Using charity shops, second hand websites such as, and offers from friends and family, it’s easier than you think to decorate your house affordably. So many people are willing to get rid of their stuff for extremely cheap, or even free, just to get it out of the house. There’s hardly ever anything wrong with the items, it’s just that they don’t suit the owner anymore. With the average home costing £15,000 to furnish, this is an area you can really save on!

Gaps and leaks are expensive!
Check around the house for drafts in windows or doors. This prevents heat escaping in the winter which means less money spent on heating, and similarly helps keep the house cool in summer. Block these with draft stoppers or get them replaced if you can afford to. High quality doors and windows will last you decades. 

Stop costs rising in winter
During winter everyone spends more on heating and electricity to keep the house warm. Unused rooms are often still heated despite no one using them. By turning down (or off) the heating in these rooms and keeping a few plug-in heaters you can warm up a room very quickly. Cosy blankets are also a good idea.

Recycling can pay out
Lots of recycling points actually now pay money for you to recycle. Some have automated machines that pay out coins for each bottle or item. If there’s not one of these recycling points close by (many are at tips), then try to save all of these recyclables up and take them to the closest one when you’re going that way for something else to save petrol money.

Spare change can add up to hundreds
Don’t turn your nose up at spare change! If you kept all the copper coins you ever had it would add up to hundreds right now. By having multiple jars to collect spare change around the house, you’re more likely to just pop it in when you go by, instead of forget about it because it has nowhere to go. If you can, try the speedy way of collecting money by saving £5 notes or £1 and £2 coins. This adds up very fast!

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