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26 April 2018: TSB Online Banking: Compensation now offered

TSB bank has been in meltdown for days following a move to a new online platform which has left customers unable to access their online banking.

The bank has finally called on outside help to clear the situation up faster.

Promises to customers have now been made by TSB boss Paul Pester due to the length of disruption caused. These include no overdraft fees or charges to be paid by customers for the whole of April.

The bank was originally attempting to move all of their customer accounts across from their previous owner Lloyds to a brand new platform under its Spanish owner.

This transition has somehow left nearly half of TSB’s customer base without access to their online banking.

Pester has confirmed that those with a reasonable case for compensation will be able to claim when the situation is cleared.

Despite these reassurances of compensation, many customers are still angry as the issue causes disruption to their everyday lives.

This includes not being able to pay other people online, not being able to pay bills or change standing orders, and not being able to move money around your own accounts or check balances.

If you wish to switch your current account you can click here.

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